About the Project

The objective of our project is to increase the competences (attitudes, knowledge, skills) of Migrants for improving their Digital Health Literacy (DHL). Specifically, the project aware Migrants about the importance of Digital Health Literacy and develops Digital Health Skills within the Migrants population and empower them to play a more active role in their health self-management, strengthening the aspects related to the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 and other similar situations. Migrants peers are involved and trained to be able to support Newcomer Migrants. Finally, Health Professionals are trained to be able to support the Migrants population.

Target Group

The target groups and stakeholders include:
  • Newcomer Migrants: Migrant persons recently arrived in an EU country, specially focusing those with low socio-economic profiles.
  • Migrants Peers: Migrants already established and integrated in the country that could support newcomer migrants in their local communities, often belonging to local associations and persons supporting Migrants.
  • Health Professionals, defined as Primary Care professionals such as general practitioners, nurses, social workers and psychologists working from healthcare and/or social welfare agencies. In this line, Digital Health literacy will be professionally addressed from a community-based approach.

The Methodological Guide aims at determining the key contents, methodologies and tools needed for creating and increasing the Digital Health Literacy (DHL) of Migrants.

Training Activities

The Training Activities are addressed to Trainers. They include guidelines for implementation and conduction as well as on how to effectively use the Training Materials along with the implementation of the Training Activities.

Training Materials

Training Materials including all the guidelines, methods and tools related to the increase of DHL of Migrants. These materials can be used by Trainees (Migrants, including Newcomers and Peers, and Health Professionals) during the implementation of Training Activities.

e-Training platform

The e-Training platform supports the specific e-training scenarios including the implementation of the Training Activities and the structured online access to the Training Materials.

Mobile Application

Mobile application for mobile smart phones and tablets.

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